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Kitsch Nitsch is a studio at the crossroads of art, illustraton and design. We create cgi digitorials and concepts for contemporary corporate and nouveau riche paradigm.
a collection of
contemporary concepts
Acta Non Verba is a collection of furniture and other products searching for a place in the contemporary world, one plagued (or blessed) with demands for efficiency and influenced heavily with sport culture and esthetics. It is a collection of ideas and renders that try to bridge the way between the corporate futurism of Dubai's Palm Island and the need for artistic individuality. It also tries to reconnect beauty with design, a discipline caught in problems of ergonomics and sustainability, while ignoring the basic human need for excess.

Kitsch and fashion, carbon fibre and marble, techno and megalomania. The best solution to sustainability is making products so beautiful one does not throw them away.
Editorial featuring the Acta Non Verba concept collection was published in the winter 2015 issue of Kaleidoscope magazine. It was commisioned to introduce the new Nike x Johanna F. Schneider clothing line.