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The auction system is quite simple. You bid for an item/artwork you desire and if by the end time your bid is the highest, you win the auction. Of course you already knew all that from eBay, but here is the thing: all items sold on auction will remain unique. We will not reproduce them again and you will become the proud owner of an original one of a kind Kitsch Nitsch artwork. Check back regularly, since we will be putting up new artworks on auction every week!

Register to bid (we only need your e-mail) and if you win, we will promptly inform you with the payment options (we prefer PayPal) and the time your order will be shipped to you. And if you do not win, there is still the STORE section, with artworks that have not been auctioned off and are now ready for regular purchase.

Keep an eye for the concept icon (it only appears on some products) since artworks with that icon will only be produced if you fund them. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have and good luck!

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