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Kitsch Nitsch
Kitsch Nitsch is a studio at the crossroads of art, illustraton and design. We create cgi digitorials and concepts for contemporary corporate and nouveau riche paradigm.
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The Question

Studio Alcymia based their name on the whole philosophy that just as alchemy was trying to turn iron into gold so should we try to embrace banal and ugly everyday objects into the realm of esthetics and design.

How can we adhere to that attitude in the contemporary world, one that revolves around usefulness? This inherent trait of machines and objects has now been successfully projected onto the entire human experience, nowhere as noticeable as in the twisted desire for self improvement. Sports and recreation are no longer means to a healthier end, but focused on extending the usefulness of the individual.

The flag ships of such corporate values are Dubai, Shanghai and other nouveau riche metropolises, but is our opposition towards them justified or merely a defensive mechanism fired by fear of change? Would Oscar Wilde's reaction when faced with the first skyscrapers of Louis Sullivan in Chicago, be any better than ours faced with the Palm Island?

The Invitation

Here at studio Kitsch Nitsch we fear the corporate future, but are even more afraid of the alternatives to it. Retreating to a designer as craftsman model is not a viable option. It is not about Arts & Crafts anymore, but Arts & Craps. We must come to terms that photoshoped beauty is beauty nonetheless and that printed wood plastic laminate is just as authentic as is its original hard wood counterpart - in this day, probably more so.

We are interested in objects and materials that can be extracted from the sports, yachting and corporate realm and then stripped of their inherent usefulness to produce concepts of pure beauty. Finding esthetic qualities in the corporate paradigm itself and returning objects and concepts into it in a redefined and redesigned state.

The future is cyber and virtual, and since the real production lines are unavailable to us, we rely on cgi concepts to conway our message. Join us this September as we unveil our collection of furniture, products and concepts rendered for the people that will not reject the present or resist the future, but make peace with them.

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